Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Bulletin....

If you've been to our house in the past 4 years, you're probably one of the helpful people who've pointed out that our smoke detector battery is dying. Yeah. We know.

*beep* ................................................................................ *beep*............

In 2008, we remodeled our kitchen, and a smoke detector fell down into the air duct by accident. (My fault.) Sometime in 2009, the battery started to chirp. At the time, a visiting handyman told us it would chirp for about 3 months.

It chirped way past that estimate...and kept going until we went to Japan for 11 months. And it was still happily chirping when we got home. It's our old family friend.

Just last night, the chirps got longer and closer together. (Wow--almost like contractions!) And then at 3:00 this morning--can you guess?--a solid squeal.

We stuck it out until 3pm. Twelve hours of straight squeal was grating, yes. But we were conflicted: We'd put up with this thing for 3 years. Would it be some kind of sucker move to dig it out now?

In the end, we couldn't stand it. So Darrin carved a hole in the drywall behind our closets' baseboard.


We got lucky with the first hole: There it was! Our old friend. Rent in two like the Titanic on the sea floor.

Alek has the skinniest arms. But he couldn't reach it.

He even took his shirt off, but no luck. (Maybe not enough butt crack? Shoulda tried that next....)
Max's turn next. His arms were too short, too, but with the grill tongs, he managed to lift it out!

Max, you're our hero!


Actually, it was more like

after it came out of the wall.
Darrin's worried that our lives will be drastically different now. Please, pray for us.
Max wants to know what his reward will be for sustaining serious injury in service to his family.

Here's the culprit.
So here's the answer to those of you who are wondering how long your smoke alarm will chirp. We got three years. Three years.

A victory lap needs to go to the Everready battery--the energy behind the whole operation. In the interest of science, we plugged that little champ back in, wrapped the stuff in a blanket, and put it in the garage so see how long it takes to finish its swan song. We'll keep ya posted!