Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bey Blades: The Tournament

Mini flash mob action on Sunday. Lots of kids from school were heading to Bic Camera today to get a spot in the Bey Blade tournament. So we showed up too.

It's legit. Sponsored by the WBBA.

We got there late, but managed to squeak in three last minute entrants to round out the group of 32.
Here's the scene.
Talking some pre-tournament strategy.
Max..... beat in round one. (So did Hugo).
But Alek made it through round one against a school buddy. Knocked hers right out of the ring for the 2-point WIN.

Game face ready for Round two.
Alek won round two, too! Way to represent, Alek!

Round three.....well, not his day today.
This is a terrible picture but the boy on the left was the ultimate champion. He had it all: The full set of bey blades. The padded carrying case. The glove. The mini warm-up stadium! The boy was all business (and so was his Dad). Good job, number 21.

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