Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring break in Kobe

Since the kids' school has an extended spring break, timed with Darrin being out of town, I escaped with the boys. We are in Kobe for a few days. You probably know this city was destroyed in the earthquake of 1995. It is a testament to how completely Japan can rebuild--this city is brand new and amazing. So it is turning out to be a hopeful place to be after the Tohoku earthquake. (Not to get political, but I sort of doubt New Orleans is going to look this good 16 years after Katrina).

I chose the Crowne Plaza hotel for this reason:

And it also has a killer breakfast buffet.
And a nice view. I paid an extra 100 yen per night for this. (Yes, that's $1.20). I booked the high floor thinking about tsunamis.

Kobe is a big playground. The first day we went to their small aquarium.

It's not as nice as the Osaka aquarium, but it has a dolphin show!

You can get splashed sitting in the front row...another daddy loaned my boys this sheet. People are so nice here. (Hugo chose to get wet.)
Then yesterday (day 2) we swam a little, and visited the earthquake museum in Kobe.

The gift shop sells disaster preparedness items.
These balls show the magnitude of earthquakes. The largest ball on the left is an 8. There was no 9.0 ball, but it would be a lot bigger.
We saw a three-d movie in the museum about Freddie the Leaf. It is sort of about death.

Waiting for our train....
In the late afternoon we went to Kobe Harbor Land--a shopping and amusement area. This is what happens when you ask three boys to pose for a single picture after they have spent about 6 straight days in each others' company.

This is about as good as it gets, folks:
We liked harbor land. They had a double decker carousel.
And these tubes, like water hamsters:

And you can ride these big toys.
We went up the ferris wheel. I always freak out on these.
But the view is great, if you can avoid looking down.

Today we are swimming some more, and then we plan to go to an indoor bird park with a special fish surprise. I'll tell you more tomorrow!


  1. As good as it gets - could not get any better!!
    I want to ride the double decker carousel. But NOT the ferris wheel.

  2. There is just one fairy land after another in Japan, it seems. Looks like the places you've gone weren't crowded either. I, too would ride the carousel - but the ferris wheel...........ummmmmm, not so sure! Love, Gramma

  3. So good to see you guys back at it ..... enjoying, taking-in Japan. Those boys are getting bigger! (Aren't they?)

    Also, I really liked the bike blog. So silly, and so Japanese (by my lights anyway).

    Keep it up!