Friday, November 19, 2010

I already miss this....

When I gave the tour of Surprising Breezes East, many of you 'mericans made jokes about how our bathtub looks like an overgrown kitchen sink.

Unless you've experienced it, you can't possibly know what this tub-sink affords.
  • When you fill it up and sit in it, the water comes up to your chin. It feels fantastic. And complete submersion gives one's body the buoyancy of youth.
  • Speaking of buoyancy, one time when I opened the shower door to check on his progress, I witnessed Max in the midst of a headstand, including a full split, in this tub. You can thank me now for not posting a picture of that.
  • This time of year, every store sells packs of lovely smelling bath salts and fizzies in multiple flavors. First one in, gets to pick!
  • If you climb in carefully, you can calculate your body's volume, Archimedes-style, through displacement.
  • If you stay in long enough, you run the risk of passing out when you stand up. It can be thrilling.
Because we do things Japanese style, we always shower and rinse before getting into the tub. Don't be alarmed, but this means we can use the tub for all five of us. In principle, at least. After a few experiences with mystery particles, Darrin and I have decided to draw our own bath.

I already miss this tub.


  1. This is exactly the bath tub I want in my home for the rest of my life.

  2. I totally agree with Shawna!!!!! Delightful....when Chris and I visit, can I take a bath????

  3. In 1995 I met a Japanese professor of biochemistry. He told me that one of his grad students had "invented" a product called "Bubb". Came in the form of a pretty big tablet. I was told that if you add it to the bathwater, it somehow enhanced your body's ability to absorb (and so retain) the heat. He gave me a box of Bubb which I brought back home. Both Marilyn and I (hot tub soaker fans) both agreed that it seemed to work; we liked it. Does this sound at all like any of the bath products that you mention?