Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Interview with Hugo 2

Konnichiwa, Hugo.

Tell me something about Grade 1.
Um.... It's weird. I like that there's lunch recess and snack recess.

What do you take for lunch?
Um, kind of the same thing, well, like a bread roll, some soba noodles, soybeans, cheese cubes.

Who packs that lovely bento for you?

Did you notice anything weird about the weather today?
Typhoon hit the shore today.

What was that like?
It was rainy back where we live.

I'm wondering what kinds of foods you are liking here.
Sushi. And chicken meatballs. And chicken hamburgers.

Tell me something about Japan that you didn't know before you got here (that you know now).
That there's a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. And that the sushi there tasted way better than American style. Because Americans made it by Americans, so it didn't taste as good as the Japanese stuff, sushi, because that's where sushi was invented. They gave sushi to China even though they invaded it really badly back then. They spread sushi to China.

Sounds like you've been studying some Asian history.
Hmmm..That's about it.

What do you think about our bath situation here at home?
It's awesome.

How come?
Because I like the small and deep bath...because it's deep.

Do you want to tell people what we are going to try to do tomorrow?
Go to Arashiyama and watch them catch fish with birds that I forget its name.

Yeah, cormorants.

What other thing do you want to tell everybody back home?
That's enough. I'm done.

Arigatoo, Hugo.


  1. Haha! Leave it to Hugo to zone in on sushi. Love his articulation of Asian history via history of sushi. :P I'm with Hugo. I'd be all over sushi and all things edible.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the History of Sushi lesson. Thank you, Hugo!

  3. How do you train a cormorant to catch a fish, Hugo - we're very curious.