Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview with Max 2

Konnichiwa Max.

Tell me something about the food here.
It's Japanese-y. Some of it is yucky.

What foods do you think are yucky?
Um...what's that sweet and our chicken called?

It's called karaage.

Karage is yucky huh? I love it.
I don't.

Which foods have you liked best so far ?
[Thinking....thinking.....] The shaved ice stuff (kakigori)

What's our house like?
Small. The upstairs is hot.

What do you think of sleeping on futons?
It's a teensy bit uncomfortable. It's like camping every night of your life.

Do you think you are over your jet lag?
No. Because I'm really really hungry at breakfast, and at dinner and lunch I don't eat much at all.

Max, tell us three things about school today.
There's no rules yet. I had to wear indoor shoes. was hot.

Thanks Max. Arigatoo.
You're welcome.

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